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Breathtaking Botswana

images (27)There are few more memorable encounters than African safari holidays: the apparently unlimited horizon of the flat lands, the amazingly lavish jungles and deltas, and above all the amazing wildlife. This wide and greatly different content is home to a spectacular range of plants and creatures compared with anything that can be seen anywhere else on world. There is far more to see than can be taken in on a single journey, but every location offers its own unique experiences. One of the most fulfilling is Botswana, a country of amazing desert scenery, soothing grasslands, and delta environments. Situated in south of the African continent, having boundaries with Zambia and South Africa, it is accessible and an ideal safari location. Read on for some of the features that tourists can expect from a visit to Botswana.

Moremi Wildlife Reserve

With its great swathes of forest area and relatively small number of inhabitants, Botswana is a gem of a location for African safari vacations. It is house to many of the continent’s most popular creatures, such as lions, giraffes and elephants, as well as a prosperity of varieties that are difficult to find elsewhere. The best place to start for a discovery of Botswana is Moremi Wildlife Source, which contains a different variety of landscape types within its 5,000 square km area, such as forests, acacia jungles and swamp lands. It is amazing both for its breathtaking quality and the variety of wildlife that can be found there – over 500 varieties of birds in the air and around regularly, while the open flat lands have a variety of popular creatures. Zebra, Buffalo, Elephants Giraffe, Hyena, Tigers, Cheetahs are frequently spotted, while the forest areas provide possibilities to see the Leopard.

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