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How To Sell Your Airline Miles

Airline MilesA lot of airline companies these days come up with flyer programs for frequent flyers where you would be able to use the accumulated miles for redeeming rewards. The rewards are often flight tickets that offer free trips for you. Do you too have your own set of accumulated airline miles from the flyer programs? Well, you would definitely love to redeem them for free trips but what if you don’t need the trips now? The thing is that there are many who would love to buy the trips. Thus, it would be a smarter option to Sell Airline Miles.

Now, you must be wondering how to sell your airline miles. To start with, you can begin at home at ask your near and dear ones whether they would like to get a trip now. If you find someone in need of a trip, you can definitely sell the airline miles to him or her. But selling anything to friends and family members is often uncomfortable as it involves the money factor which might lead to misunderstanding or confusion. Thus, a lot of people prefer not to sell the airline miles within near ones.

But don’t worry, you can still sell your airline miles with a good cash outcome even if you are not willing to include the transaction within the family. Actually, there are several broker sites over the internet who will help you to sell the miles and receive good cash in turn, through them. When you go to sell the miles through an online broker, you would have to submit your contact details. The broker portal would also want you to submit amount of miles that you are planning to sell. In most of the cases, there is a minimum limit. Next, you would have to submit information about your airline company, your asking rate per mile and expiration dates of the miles.

The broker would inform you once he finds a suitable buyer for you as per your asking rate. You would transfer your miles to buyer’s account- and the payment would be received once the very transaction gets over.

It’s to note here that you should be careful about choosing the broker here since you would be offering a lot of personal details to him. Thus, always settle for a reputed broker only who assures top-notch security for your information.


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